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Our Machining & Manufacturing Services


PM offers complete machining & manufacturing services for small or large production requirements.  Whether it is polishing, drilling, reaming, grooving, or de-burring, we have the expertise and years of experience to suit all of your needs.  Please select from the following list to learn more about our services.


See below and get more information about the different types of capabilities.


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CNC Drilling, Machining, & More

Large CNCs

These large CNC Gantry Drills are utilized when larger and thicker parts or various shapes and materials are required. These machines are capable of drilling, milling, reaming, grooving, tapping and de-burring.

Small CNCs

These machines are used for diameters of 32" or less. Milling or drilling site-glass assemblies, flanges, tube sheets, support baffles, or miscellaneous shaped pieces are ideal for these machines.

Horizontal Boring Mills and Vertical Lathes

This group of machines are used primarily for the machining of outside diameters and faces of discs for tube sheets and flanges, plus inside diameters of rings and gasket surfaces on round parts.

Horizontal Lathes

These machines are utilized for special production of custom parts plus maintenance and repairs on our own equipment.

Large and Small Radials

These machines are used to "finish" work pieces beyond our CNC machining centers. Much of the reaming, double grooving and de-burring is completed on radial drills.

Support Equipment

These machines allow us to sharpen and service high speed steel drill bits on sight. The grinding and polishing equipment allows us to meet the various strict surface requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.


We value all customers by providing quality services with "on-time" deliveries. We utilize our transportation equipment for non-permit loads (pick up and deliver) within a 700 mile radius of Decatur, Illinois.